SharePoint Solutions

We are a niche solution provider for MS SharePoint, focusing on extending the capabilities of Microsoft's SharePoint platform to address business requirements. We develop innovative solutions on SharePoint to enable businesses with new capability and provide them with the competitive advantage.

  • Design, development and deployment of unique Line of Business applications using SharePoint technologies.
  • Mapping of business strategies to technology implementation.
  • Development of long term portal strategies and roadmaps for organizations.
  • Knowledge Management, Document and Records Management and FAST Enterprise Search solutions.
Our approach for implementation of SharePoint solutions is to use our proven SharePoint Accelerator which comprises of Application modules, Common controls and Common Services which allows us to rapidly develop and deploy SharePoint solutions and ensure that best practices and cumulative experience are encapsulated in each SharePoint solution we deploy. We have implemented SharePoint solutions for customers in the Financial Services, Government, Telco, Media, and NGO industries.

ISAI Enterprise Portal
We have deployed large scale Enterprise Portals which are aimed at enabling our customers to innovate, increase agility and increase communication and collaboration. Our solution aims to harness the collective creativity, talent and knowledge of all employees within the organization, and channeling this to specific functions in decision making, creative thinking and functional activities. We have out of the box application modules for our Enterprise Portal implementation in the following areas:

  • Employee Self Service
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Content Management
  • Social Networking

ISA Innovation Knowledge Management
Our implementation of Knowledge Management is based on the objective of building and maintaining a corporate knowledge bank as well as ensuring that both people and content are easily and intuitively searchable and accessible in an organization. We leverage on Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Search functionality of SharePoint, the Enterprise Directory and Microsoft FAST Search Server in our solution for Knowledge Management. In addition, we also layer our KM solution with options for high privacy and security controls such as reading of content with no download to help prevent sensitive corporate information from unwanted duplication and distribution.

Custom SharePoint Applications
SharePoint is increasingly seen as an Application Platform for the Intranet, allowing organizations to have a consistent application experience, reduce development timelines, and ensure that re-use and integration is natural. We have developed custom Line of Business (LOB) applications for our customers using SharePoint as an application platform, and use our SharePoint Accelerator to ensure that such applications are rapidly online. We have a proven track record in developing unique, complex workflow applications which address unique business requirements using SharePoint.