Endorze is the app that allows you to photocopy your Photo ID/Identity Card into PDF without saving sensitive data on your device or on the cloud. Endorze employs best practices in making copies of your Photo ID which are being used by financial institutions.

justSAMit is a comprehensive IT Asset Management cloud solution delivered as a service over the Internet (Software as a Service, SaaS) to help you manage your hardware and software inventory and empower businesses of all sizes by automating IT asset management.

SAMLite is a Software Asset Management solution developed to give organisations an alternative to tedious physical auditing methods, or expensive and complex software auditing methods of traditional software asset management.

SAMLite comprises of a set of utilities aimed entirely in assisting the software administrator in the process of tracking, managing and reporting software usage within an organisation.

Sparrow VUE, for Visualizing User Experience, monitors your end user's experience easily like never before. Run it 24 x 7 and you gain insight into your user's satisfaction with impressive statistics and intuitive Web 2.0 interface.

iTEST is the next generation examination system that allows an organization to prepare, schedule and conduct examinations over the Internet, using open standard web technologies that are familiar to everyone.

iTEST allows organizations create online examinations with ease, schedule for examinations in remote locations, ensure that all participants sit through the examination at the same time and ensure that the examinations are conducted securely.

IT Help Desk application is a proven enterprise scale Help Desk application, and has been deployed successfully for 10,000 user environments.

IT Help Desk is available as an on-premise solution implementation with a cloud based hosted solution in the near future. IT Help Desk is a comprehensive Help Desk Application developed on Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0).