iTEST is the next generation examination system that allows an organization to prepare, schedule and conduct examinations over the Internet, using open standard web technologies that are familiar to everyone.

iTEST allows organizations create online examinations with ease, schedule for examinations in remote locations, ensure that all participants sit through the examination at the same time and ensure that the examinations are conducted securely.

iTEST can be used for conducting internal examinations or for publishing external examinations to a selected group. The iTEST Exam Engine allows customization to integrate to other systems using web services and other standard technologies.

iTEST is built by ISA Technologies Sdn Bhd as a solution to cumbersome paper-based examinations and inflexible internet based examination systems.
Administration Management Engine
Comprises of the Invigilator Module, Question Bank Module, Question Management Module and the Examination Scheduler.

Invigilator Management Module
To create and manage the permission and rights of the Examination Invigilators.

Candidate Management Module
To manage the candidates profile.

Question Bank Module
Database structure to store, manage and retrieve thousands of questions in multiple formats. It supports multiple choice, graphics and categorization of questions. See Screenshot (PDF)

Question Management Module
To create, edit and delete questions for the examinations.

Examination Management Engine
Comprises of the Examination Scheduler, iTEST Interface, Auto-Examiner and the Result Upload Service. See Screenshot (PDF)

Examination Scheduler
To plan and schedule examinations to be conducted based on a user's name and profile.

iTEST Interface
The interface that is presented to the applicant is built on lightweight, intelligent HTML Application technology, which has minimal Testing PC/Station software pre-requisites and supported on Internet Explorer 5.x and above. It mimics a rich client application interface and can operate in a disconnected Internet link mode while offering fast response unlike traditional Web based applications. It also allows answers to be kept on the desktop if the network connection is down.

The option is available for the candidates to be informed of the results immediately after sitting for the examination. See Screenshot (PDF)

Answer Set Upload Service
An upload web engine located at a central location to receive the answers upon completion by the candidate. The engine is available as a web service, which is through most organization's security firewalls.

Reporting Framework Engine
Comprises of a parameterized reporting system that is formatted in XML, which can then be displayed in a web page, MS Excel or in text format. The reporting framework comes with built-in reports and allows customization of statistics and reports. See Screenshot (PDF)

Allows Offline Examinations to be conducted
Once an exam set is downloaded into the candidates PC, the candidate can proceed with the examination- even in offline mode. The answer set will be uploaded when the network is up or can be manually retrieved from the candidate's desktop.

The examination can also be scheduled to start only at a specific time.

Securing the Candidate's Desktop from tampering
When an examination starts, the iTEST interface takes over the desktop's controls and will not allow the candidate to have access to the desktop or run any other applications until the examination is completed. This prevents the candidates from cheating by trying to manipulate the system or getting access to Google and the Internet.

Securing all channels of communication
The question set is encrypted during the download to the candidates' desktops. When the answers are completed, the answer set is encrypted before it is uploaded using the Answer Upload Service.

Immediate Results
iTEST provides the option to return the results immediately when an examination is completed. This applies for true/false and multiple choice questions.

Keeping track of candidate's progress
iTEST allows questions to be categorized and built into question sets. Using the question sets, iTEST will then remember what questions the candidates have sat for and can ensure the same candidate does not sit for the same examination twice.